Ride On Scrubber Dryer Mega 6200 (Traction Battery 24V 450AH) – Made in Italy

Ride On Scrubber Dryer Mega 6200 (Traction Battery 24V 450AH) – Made in Italy


Scrubbing / squeegee width 900 / 1000 mm
Detergent tank capacity 140
RPM / pressure on the brushes 150 / 50 KG
Brush motor power 1250 W
Vacuum motor 500 W
Max. working capacity 6200 m2/h
Recovery tank capacity: 150
Traction Front motorwheel
Depression / Vacuum motor 1734/550 mmmH2O/W
Max. Working Capacity 6200 m2/h
Recovery tank capacity stop/ 150 – 180 litres
Traction Motor Power 1000w
Power Supply 36V

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Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 4,500 m²) with a considerable reduction of cleaning costs. More than 60/80 kg of constant pressure on the brushes. Large load capacity tank, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine. Compact size. Stability even when fully loaded. Independent Front wheel-drive with tight steering radius. Easy access to electrical components. Automatic brush plate lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting while reverse going. Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary. Antifoam device. Self-levelling brushes. High-performance batteries resulting in high working efficiency. Quick lock recovery tank cap allows for fast and easy cleaning and sanification of the tank; the tilting tank together with a large size drain hose allow the complete emptying of the tank and the removal of any type of solid dirt. The antifoam device protects suction motor, as well as the electronic switch floating that stops suction when the tank is full. Comfortable steering wheel. User friendly control panel, provided with hour meter, speed adjustment knob detergent solution and low level warning light. All motors are protected by thermal breakers. 80 kg of continuous brush plate pressure with Self Leveling System to strongly and deeply removing any kind of dirt on any kind of floor. Strong oil-proof polyurethane wheels. 500 Ah C5 battery box allowing continuous working time up to 5 hours. Built with strong components Mega 6200 have been designed to resist even to extreme stresses. the frame is made of steel with a thickness profiles varying from 5 to 12 mm, protected with a high resistance corrosion-proof paint

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