Ride-On Industrial Sweepers

Purchase the Best Ride On Road Sweeper from Cleantech Gulf Trading Est. 

Cleantech Gulf Trading Est. is the Saudi Arabia’s leading manufacturer of ride on road sweeper, industrial sweeper, truck mounted sweeper, dump trucks and other industrial equipment. We provide a wide array of products for your use, from small to large-scale operations. Our commitment to excellence is our guarantee that you will be satisfied by our service, quality and cost.

We are the Ride On Road Sweeper suppliers in Saudi Arabia and can provide you with a quality range of commercial sweeper at very competitive prices.

Our ride on road sweeper is powered by electric motor and comes fitted with siren and lights that makes it easy to identify on the street, no matter what time of day or night.

Ride on road sweeper or industrial sweeper is a highly effective and efficient machine to sweep your road, street, garage or any other area. Ride on road sweeper can be used in clearing dead leaves, off broadways and keep them clear of dust & mud. Ride on sweeper can also be used for cleaning streets, refuse bins & drains etc

We make sure that your roads are clear. We know whatever size road sweeper you are looking for, we can either deliver it or repair it on site. Our Ride On Road Sweeper range offers a wide range of advantages over conventional heavy duty push broom or hand broom which is not suitable for dusty roads.Our professionals is available to satisfy your needs. Whether it’s sales and sourcing or repair services, you can always count on us!

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Please feel free to contact us at sales@cleantechsaudi.com to order your new ride on road sweeper today!

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