Ride On Industrial Sweeper Gemma E78 (Traction Battery 24V 300AH) – Made In Italy

Ride On Industrial Sweeper Gemma E78 (Traction Battery 24V 300AH) – Made In Italy


Main Brush Width 800 mm
Battery Type Traction Battery
Main Brush + 2 Side Brush Width 1300
Tank Capacity 115 Lit
Maximum Gradient 10% (20% Optional Kit)
Cleaning Capacity 9700 mq/h

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A simple, sober, strong, machine that ensures good performance and long-term durability. At the first sight GEMMA will capture you by simplicity and versatility, GEMMA E78, battery version, gets traction from the front electro driving wheel, its vertical 900W motor allows the machine to reverse within 2 mt space, in such a manner the machine can nearly turn on itself. With cleaning capacity of about 9.500 square mt/h GEMMA is mostly recommended in logistic areas, warehouses, storerooms, it can also guarantee excellent performance in narrow passages as well as in clear, wide spaces. GEMMA DSA version (Dumping Automatic System) offers a discharge system that can rise 145cm above the ground. The door container can be opened at any level of height depending on the user’s needs, it automatically closes when the opening button is released. Super elastic tyres, adjustable seat, front working lights are the GEMMA main features designed to enhance the standard of comfort. The no-marking wheels, which are non-optional only on mod. E78, do not leave tyre tracks on the floor. GEMMA is produced in two different typologies: first, with handling discharge of dust container; second, named ‘DSA’, with automatic discharge of dust container, high 145 cm from the ground. The chosen technical solutions and characteristics put GEMMA at the top position in the market range of the actual produced machines, with a remarkable quality / price relation. Besides being, basically, a ‘Poli’ machine, for this having an electrically welded iron frame, painted in oven with episodic dust paint, GEMMA E78 (battery version) possesses following characteristics: Traction is obtained by frontal electro-motor wheel with 1.200 W triphase AC vertical motor, this permits maximum angle rotation during steering. For this, Gemma can rotate on itself, so it’s possible use it for clean in limited spaces. Maximum speed is 7 Km/h, assisted by an automatic system for reducing speed while curving. It’s easily handled, because it has great diameter super-elastic wheels, anti-trace standard wheels on battery version. Braking system with double drum on rear wheels. Electronically controlled speed by an electric chart with a 300 Amps. of current capacity, to go up ramps over 20% standard. The electric suction fan is placed on the filter compartment for a clearer separation between the suction part and the engine compartment. Filter for the standard version is an M-class sack filter, available in different substances and treatments, it has a 5,5 m2 surface and cleaning is obtained by an electric vibrator. There is also a cartridge filter version with washable filters for a 6,4 m2 surface, also equipped with an electric vibrator. Main brush and side brush are replaceable without using tools. Dust container capacity is 115 lt. It’s also possible, for the handling discharge container, have nr. 3 plastic reduced containers inside the main container, to make easier the discharge. It’s possible to do a fast batteries change, for they are placed in a steel case, extractable from the side of the machine. Protection front disks in anti-trace gum. It’s possible to lift the machine for transport and to anchor it from the sides. Front working lights, flash, ergonomic commands, adjustable seat, hour-counter, battery-level indicator (for E78), claxon are all standard equipment.

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