Upright Walk Behind Scrubber Drier Sprinter – Made In Italy

Upright Walk Behind Scrubber Drier Sprinter – Made In Italy


Power supply  230 V – 50 Hz
Scrubbing/squeegee width  290/320 mm
Max working capacity  1015 m²/h
Solution tank capacity  2.8 l/0.74 gal
Recovery tank capacity  5.6 l/1.48 gal
Traction mechanical RPM/pressure on the brushes  1000/7 kg/15,43 lbs
Brush motor power  200 W
Noise level  dB (A) 68
Depression/vacuum motor  1428 mmH2O/800 W
Dimensions/weight  37 x 37 x 113 cm/13 kg

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Sprinter is a compact floor scrubber suitable to work in high congested areas like small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants.  Three controls for brush drive, washing and drying operations • Double floor squeegee for both forward and reverse drying • Sound pressure 68 dB (A) • Min. working height required 200 mm • Structure built with durable materials • Suitable load on the brush for an optimal cleaning efficiency • Detachable detergent/recovery tank • Cable holder • 7mt electric cable • Non-marking wheels.

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